Bootleg Cab Driver Flees from Roebling Bridge Crash…or Did He?

April 16, 2018 | Crandall & Pera Law
Bootleg Cab Driver Flees from Roebling Bridge Crash…or Did He?

The story which confused authorities for several days involved an injured pregnant woman and serious damage to a famous landmark. But now they know the truth, and a Cincinnati man has been charged for his role in a crash that forced the months-long closure of the Roebling Suspension Bridge. Demarko D. Page, 24, of Cincinnati, faces three misdemeanors—falsely reporting an incident, operating a motor vehicle on a suspended or revoked license, and failure of owner to maintain required insurance.

On March 20, Page had a car accident and crashed into the bridge. He was driving southbound, lost control of his vehicle, and the accident caused enough damage to bend a beam on the bridge. Authorities say slippery conditions and excessive speed were likely factors in the accident.

Kentucky transportation officials say the damage was so severe, the bridge will likely be closed through June for repairs.

Police say Page, the man who caused the crash, lied to them at first, telling them a story about how another man was behind the wheel of the car at the time and fled the scene. Initially, after the accident, Page told authorities that he and another passenger were in a bootleg cab, which are unauthorized rideshare vehicles.

He claimed the driver crashed the vehicle and ran off, leaving him and a pregnant woman behind. Police found the pregnant woman semi-conscious and lying on the sidewalk when they arrived. She was taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center with what officials believed was a broken femur, according to police. But police now say that Page was actually the driver, but told police he was a passenger in the car because he had no license or insurance on the vehicle.

The crash caused significant damage to the bridge, and officials believe it will be closed even longer than the initial week or so that was initially expected. "The impact was to the vertical portion," said District 6 Kentucky Transportation Cabinet public information officer Nancy Wood. "There are several steel vertical pieces to this bridge structure and the impact did some significant damage to this particular one.... We estimate the repairs to be complete by June. Until then, the bridge will remain closed to all traffic, vehicles and pedestrians."

The Roebling Bridge was constructed in 1866 and spans the Ohio River between Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky. It's an integral part of the area's landscape.

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