Can you settle a car accident case quickly?

July 15, 2022 | Crandall & Pera Law
Can you settle a car accident case quickly?

If you are injured while traveling on an Ohio road or highway, you may be entitled to compensation. A financial award may be obtained either through a negotiated settlement or a lawsuit. Often, it takes less time to settle a case outside of court as opposed to at a trial. However, a number of variables may determine how long it takes to resolve your personal injury case.

File an insurance claim as quickly as possible

The first step in the car accident legal process is to file a claim with your insurance company. Ideally, this will be done within 24 hours of the wreck taking place. The sooner that you complete this step, the sooner your insurance provider can complete its investigation. An investigation may take several days to several weeks depending on the availability of witnesses, video footage or other evidence.

You can choose to settle the matter at any time

You can agree to settle your case at any time. It's fairly common for an insurance company or defendant to make an initial settlement offer in the motor vehicle accident case within days or weeks after a crash takes place. If you decide to take the matter to trial, it could take several months before the matter gets before a judge. A trial may last several months or years after accounting for appeals that might be made by either side. A motor vehicle accident may result in significant injuries and property loss. To obtain compensation from another party, you must show that a person or entity caused the conditions that resulted in these losses. Photos, videos or witness statements may all be used to help you obtain a favorable outcome in your case. Medical bills or doctor notes might also make it easier to establish that you were the victim of another party's irresponsible behavior.