Dangers of Polypharmacy of Prescription Drugs

June 17, 2013 | Crandall & Pera Law
Dangers of Polypharmacy of Prescription Drugs

Many Americans, particularly those over the age of 60, are taking prescription drugs which harm more than help them, according to a recent review of the book Are Your Prescriptions Killing You? in The Courier-Journal

The book demonstrates how blind faith in the benefits of medication can often lead to a fatal outcome. Rather than stopping a patient's medication as it causes significant harm, a doctor may keep prescribing more and more pills to achieve the desired effect.

The author, Armon Neel Jr., PharmD., urges both patients and physicians to be more aware of the dangers of prescription drugs. Warning people of the risks of polypharmacy, Neel performs a critical public service, countering the pharmaceutical companies which have a loud voice encouraging people to take medications.

The overall message of the book is clear: every patient over age 60 should discuss with their physician the desired intent, potential harms, and rationale for prolonged use of medications. Read the full review here:

Book review: 'Are Your Prescriptions Killing You?'

Unfortunately, polypharmacy has become a way of life for the over 60 year old population. If you are maintained on more than one or two drugs, you should have a long conversation with your physician to make sure all of the drugs are necessary and what side effects are possible. Both the patient and the physician, should always try to limit the number of medications that a patient is taking.

If you or anyone in your family has suffered serious side effects or damages from a medication error you should seek legal investigation immediately. Crandall & Pera Law is available to help answer your questions and guide you in determining your next steps.