Did you know: strep throat can lead to amputation or even death?

September 9, 2022 | Crandall & Pera Law
Did you know: strep throat can lead to amputation or even death?

With today’s modern medical care, many illnesses are barely a concern. Strep throat, for instance, can be treated simply with antibiotics and the afflicted person will feel better in a matter of days. However, did you know that an illness that feels as simple as strep throat could just as quickly lead to amputation or even death via sepsis?

Sepsis can develop quickly

Sepsis is a condition that develops as the body fights infection. It can develop after any sort of infection, even one that feels as small as strep throat, and symptoms include disoriented mental state, fever or feeling cold, blood pressure issues and shortness of breath. These symptoms are easily tested and should make sepsis an easy diagnosis and quick to treat. However, delay in diagnosis and treatment can mean sepsis progresses to the point where amputation may be considered to help remove affected tissue, and in some cases sepsis may progress too far and the patient may die.

Protect yourself and your family

Any type of infection can lead to sepsis, from everyday issues like strep throat to post-surgical complications. The most crucial factor in preventing and identifying sepsis is time. Make sure your doctor reviews your health issues promptly, and don’t allow them to hurry through exams. Templated documents are used more often than people know — a pre-filled document that allows doctors to see more patients. These types of time-saving practices can lead to tragic outcomes when a simple condition like strep throat is misdiagnosed and leads to sepsis.