Excessive coffee drinking associated with more truck crashes

May 8, 2020 | Crandall & Pera Law
Excessive coffee drinking associated with more truck crashes

A loved one was killed in a big rig accident on the freeways of Ohio, and you're thinking about pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit. You'll have good grounds for such an action if it becomes clear that the truck driver was the one at fault. With the long hours they put in and the drowsiness they have to fight continually, truckers often drive without regard for others' safety. A new study has shown that trying to stay awake with large amounts of caffeine over the long term may do truckers more harm than good. The results of the study are worth looking into as they may shed light on your own case.

One cup a day vs. more than five cups

A total of 3,007 truckers from eight states, including Ohio, participated in the study. Researchers chose them in particular because of their coffee drinking habits: Half drink a cup of coffee a day while the other half drink over five cups a day. Asked in a questionnaire if they had been in a crash in the past three years, 21.6% of the one-cup-a-day drivers said yes while 27.8% of the second group said yes. That wasn't all. The high coffee drinkers were more likely to report poor health overall. This was reflected in their unhealthy diet, inadequate or restless sleep, smoking and tendency to drink excessive amounts of alcohol.

Pros and cons of the study

The study is the first large-scale documentation of caffeine consumption habits among truckers. While researchers did rely on self-reported data, the answers should be considered reliable and honest; the truckers were assured that their answers would not be shared with their employers. The study is limited, though, in that it only points out an association, not a cause-effect relationship. Fatal motor vehicle crashes can leave families dealing with funeral and burial expenses, loss of support and loss of consortium. You may be in a similar situation, in which case you might want legal advice and guidance. With a lawyer, you may navigate the complexities of your case and strive for a reasonable settlement.