Hidden Cameras Lead to Criminal Charges for Ohio Nursing Home

August 5, 2014 | Crandall & Pera Law
Hidden Cameras Lead to Criminal Charges for Ohio Nursing Home

Placing hidden cameras inside nursing homes may seem extreme, but at one Ohio facility the act led to catching numerous criminal activities, according to Attorney General Mike DeWine's office.

Thirty-nine criminal charges have been filed against Autumn Health Care in Zanesville after relatives or residents began complaining to authorities in December 2012. The relatives allowed hidden cameras to be placed in certain rooms, and these allegedly captured footage of staff providing poor care and falsifying information.

The owner of the facility faces charges of corruption, Medicaid fraud and forgery, and an additional 16 charges have been brought against the facility as a whole. Read the full details here:

Hidden cameras result in criminal charges against Ohio nursing home owner...

Should all patients in nursing homes be given the option of having cameras placed in the room? It may limit privacy but would likely increase the quality of care.

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