Hormone replacement therapy is dangerous

November 11, 2022 | Crandall & Pera Law
Hormone replacement therapy is dangerous

Many men respond to radio or internet advertisements extolling the virtues of Hormone Replacement Therapy (“HRT”), which is a fancy phrase for Testosterone and human growth hormone (“HGH”) use.   Unfortunately the clinics who market and sell these drugs are doing this for profit and they have no interest in patient safety or appropriate medical screening.

For instance, the FDA has mandated that testosterone only be prescribed to an individual who has documented low testosterone levels, usually defined as less than 350 ng/dl.  Testosterone use in anyone with a normal lab test for testosterone, is not only NOT FDA approved, but also very dangerous.  These HRT clinics combine testosterone with ibutamoren, tamoxifen, anastrozole and other biochemical drugs that, when combined, greatly increase the risk of clots, strokes, heart attack and even cancer spread.

In Cleveland several clinics, including Affinity Whole Health, advertise and sell dangerous controlled substances to men, without following proper guidelines of screening and clinical exams.  The result has been catastrophic to some patients, including Ric Barringer, a Crandall & Pera Law client who has filed a lawsuit against Affinity Whole Health after suffering a massive stroke while taking an HRT program prescribed by Affinity Whole Health.

If you or anyone you know has taken HRT or has treated at Affinity Whole Health and unfortunately suffered a severe stroke, heart attack, a newly diagnosed cancer, please call us right away for a free evaluation and consultation. Contact the firm at 855-444-6651.