Ohio Nursing Home Surveillance in Works

November 11, 2013 | Crandall & Pera Law
Ohio Nursing Home Surveillance in Works

A new piece of legislation is aiming to give Ohio nursing home patients the explicit right to set up hidden monitoring devices in their rooms in order to catch staff in the acts of abuse or neglect. 

Current state law is not clear on whether it is legal for patients to covertly set up cameras or recording devices in nursing homes. House Bill 298 would add a provision to the Resident Bill of Rights for Ohio to specifically authorize this practice.

The co-sponsor of the legislation is State Rep. Mike Duffey, whose own father is believed to be a victim of nursing home neglect. After the ordered closure of a nursing home in Zanesville after hidden cameras confirmed the complaints of patients, Duffey is "outraged" that the industry continues to block patients from installing surveillance equipment.

Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma already have similar laws guaranteeing the right to install monitoring equipment in nursing homes, and Florida and Massachusetts have approved pilot programs, according to the Columbus Dispatch. Read the full story here:

New legislation would guarantee the right of nursing home patients to set up hidden cameras

Nobody likes to have "big brother" watching us, but it certainly keeps people more honest.

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