OSU Student Hit By Dump Truck, Still No Police Report

December 27, 2012 | Crandall & Pera Law
OSU Student Hit By Dump Truck, Still No Police Report
Nearly four months after Daniel Hughes, an 18-year old chemical engineering student at Ohio State, was hit and run over by a construction truck on campus September 5, no police report has been released.As Hughes tries to cope with a bone infection and the loss of roughly one-third of his body, including his right leg and hip, many details of the case remain unknown to him and his family.

OSU Police promised Steve Crandall, Daniel's attorney, a police report the week of October 8, and again in November. According to Ohio Revised Code, a traffic crash report, typically a three-to-four-page document that tells what happened and who is involved, should be made available within five days of the incident

"It's frustrating to Daniel and his entire family that there's still no report or time frame for when the report will be released," Crandall said. "What is delaying that report, or even a portion of the report so that we can interview witnesses? I've been asking those questions but have found silence on those topics." Read the full details here:

Student hit by dump truck has 'waited long enough' for police report, lawyer demands answers

OSU Student Struck By Dump Truck Talks to ABC6/FOX28

"Daniel Hughes and his family are entitled to answers to what allowed a dump truck to run him over while a student on campus at OSU," said Crandall, a leading commercial truck accident attorney. "Unfortunately it appears litigation will be necessary to get those answers."

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