Protecting your loved ones in Kentucky nursing homes

September 16, 2021 | Crandall & Pera Law
Protecting your loved ones in Kentucky nursing homes

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is an all-too-common occurrence in Kentucky and throughout the United States. The victims, elderly residents of these facilities, are often the most vulnerable among us. Therefore, the burden of preventing abuse and protecting loved ones frequently falls on the loved ones of these long-term care residents.

Under Kentucky law (KRS Chapter 209), everyone has a legal responsibility to report nursing home abuse to other proper authorities through designated channels. The law was explicitly written to place the burden of reporting such activities on anyone who witnesses or suspects it to the state Adult Protective Services (APS).

How can Kentucky residents report abuse in Kentucky nursing homes?

Reports can be made orally or in writing and submitted to the APS state office in Lexington. If you wish to remain anonymous while filing a report, that option is also available, so you won't need to worry about potential retaliation for filing the complaint. In addition to APS, reports of suspected nursing home abuse should also be made to the Kentucky Attorney General's office as well as the Office of the Inspector General.

What types of abuse are most common in nursing homes?

Nursing home abuse covers a wide array of physical, sexual, and psychological criminal activities, including punching, slapping, force-feeding, rough handling, berating, intimidating, isolation, controlling behavior, rape, or other forms of sexual assault or misconduct. In addition, death is a potential outcome of nursing home abuse, in which case a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed to recover damages. Nursing home abuse is a serious and widespread issue in long-term Kentucky care facilities that calls for prompt action on the part of anyone, included loves ones, who notice the signs of abuse.