Speed Limit Increase for Ohio Interstates?

April 9, 2013 | Crandall & Pera Law
Speed Limit Increase for Ohio Interstates?

A bill that would adjust speed limits from 65 mph to 70 mph on most portions of interstates in Ohio is in the works after being passed by the Senate.

The bill, which was sent back to committee by the House, would impact both citizens and commercial drivers and is getting mixed reactions by Ohio's population.

"The reason we added this was because there are 35 other states already doing it," said Sen. Gayle Manning, chair of the Senate Transportation Committee. "Our roads and cars are safer than ever. This increase is just going to help save people time."

States surrounding Ohio that have a speed limit of 70 mph are West Virginia, Michigan, Kentucky and Indiana.

"We would need to research that issue in great detail to make any sort of conclusion on if the increase in speed is more dangerous," said Lt. Anne Ralston, spokeswoman for the Ohio State Highway Patrol. "Regardless our goal is to enforce the laws with professionalism and fairness, which we will continue to do regardless of what the speed limit is." Read the full details here:

Will Ohio go to 70 mph speed limit?

Speed, driver fatigue and the use of cellphones are major factors in commercial truck accidents in Ohio and throughout the country. There should be more necessary studies conducted before the speed limit is increased on many Ohio highways.

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