The causes of birth-related brain damage

June 13, 2023 | Crandall & Pera Law
The causes of birth-related brain damage

When a brain injury occurs, cells in the brain are damaged or destroyed. Sadly, there are a number of children in Ohio that are suffering from permanent brain damage since birth.

Birth brain damage causes

Brain damage at birth is considered a serious personal injury because it can lead to permanent disability, causing the child to need medical treatment for the rest of their life. Brain damage can be caused by physical injuries when the child exits the birth canal, hypoxia or jaundice. Brain injuries are also due to bacterial and viral infections. Severe newborn brain damage can result in a child dealing with conditions such as cerebral palsy. If medical experts determine that it could have been possible to prevent brain damage at birth, the victim and their parents may qualify for financial compensation.

The extent of brain damage

Localized brain damage can occur at birth, including aneurysms characterized by a bulge in the blood vessel wall within the brain. High blood pressure or a defective blood vessel often contribute to this condition. Physical injuries, including complications from vacuum extractions and forceps deliveries, can cause serious birth trauma. A stroke resulting from a lack of blood flow or low oxygen levels during birthing is a specific form of localized brain damage. Hypoxia can lead to widespread brain damage during childbirth. Hypoxia refers to insufficient oxygen supply to the infant's brain. A child's brain development can be affected by meningitis and other viral or bacterial infections. Toxins such as methylmercury can cause brain damage in developing infants. Learning that your child has experienced brain damage during birth is a traumatic experience. Thankfully, with modern medicine, many options can help mitigate the effect of brain damage in some cases.