The most common medical misdiagnosis cases

July 31, 2022 | Crandall & Pera Law
The most common medical misdiagnosis cases

Medical professionals in Ohio typically do an excellent job of identifying illnesses. They have any number of testing methods that can pinpoint an exact problem when something is wrong with a patient. However, they do make mistakes in diagnosis in some instances, and many times those mistakes result in failed treatment regimens. Here are a few of the most common inaccurate diagnosis results for physicians and medical teams.


Doctors use a range of tests to identify infections and begin treatment as soon as possible. An excessive spike in white blood cells is usually the first general indicator, followed by finding the exact physical location. This is easily the most common failure to diagnose a condition accurately.


Cancer is an insidious disease that can share symptoms with less serious conditions. While some doctors will want to rule cancer out first, this can often be a difficult process that can lead to another diagnostic failure. This can be very serious when left unnoticed, and potentially catastrophic for the affected patient.

Vascular events

Diagnosing vascular events can be difficult when a symptom is also consistent with other potential circulatory problems. Blockages are very common and can go undetected without the use of an angiogram to pinpoint a problem area. Possibly the most difficult issue to expose is a DVT, also known as a blood clot, and it can be missed even with appropriate testing. These diagnostic misses are known as the big three in the medical industry. People who are ill should seek medical attention as soon as possible in order to prevent a misdiagnosis.