Winter driving in Ohio

November 17, 2021 | Crandall & Pera Law
Winter driving in Ohio

Motor vehicle accidents in Ohio are prevalent in winter weather, but residents can take a few simple steps to reduce their chances of a collision. The hazards of winter driving mean that you need to adjust how you would usually drive your car.

Don't drive unless it's necessary

One way to avoid personal injury during a snowstorm is to not drive in it. Don't plan to travel when you get advanced warning of hazardous weather. Though the front-wheel drive isn't ideal for snow, a rear-wheel-drive vehicle might still lack sufficient torque.

Pack an extra set of clothes

Ohio winters have quickly changing conditions that might leave you stranded on the roadside. Storing an extra set of clothes in your vehicle gives you the chance of weathering a storm. Even if you get detoured by a friend or neighbor's house, you can change clothes when you're away from home. With your extra set of clothes, be sure to keep supplies of soap, a towel, and a toothbrush.

Inspect your vehicle's condition

Check your entire vehicle before setting out on the road in normal conditions. Don't let unexpected weather be the reason for inspecting your vehicle. In personal injury cases, the malfunction of your car can make you liable in an accident. You want to check your tire treads. Pump the breaks to see if they're calibrated. Check the seat belts and gauge your fuel tank.

Limit automation

The new safety features of modern vehicles are helpful. What drivers should be concerned with are automated features that can drive a vehicle independently. Using cruise control on a slippery and wet road, for example, can be hazardous.

Personal injuries in Ohio

Accidents that aren't your fault often get covered by your insurer. Taking the right steps in maintaining road safety can protect you from liability in an accident. Winters bring harsh conditions into Ohio, so prepare your vehicle for safety.