Woman Paralyzed Following Childbirth Wins Malpractice Suit

May 26, 2015 | Crandall & Pera Law
Woman Paralyzed Following Childbirth Wins Malpractice Suit

Andrea Larkin ran the Boston Marathon in 2004. After the race, she experienced dizzy spells and went to Dedham Medical Associates to be treated. There, she was seen by Dr. Jehane Johnston. Johnston ordered an MRI and CAT scan, which showed brain abnormalities.

According to the Boston Globe, these abnormalities required Johnston “to place Larkin on a special list of patients with certain medical conditions that other doctors can access... Johnston failed to place Larkin’s name on the list. When Larkin became pregnant four years later, her obstetrician was not aware of her brain issues because her name did not appear in the database.”

Had Mrs. Larkin’s obstetrician been aware of her condition, a caesarean section would have been ordered because of the danger to the mother during birth. Unfortunately, because of the Dr. Johnston’s negligence, Mrs. Larkin delivered her daughter, Alexa, naturally. Within hours of Alexa’s birth, Mrs. Larkin suffered a massive stroke, leaving her completely paralyzed except for some movement in her right arm.

Justice for the Larkins

Andrea Larkin goes to therapy sessions twice a week, but she requires caregivers and is mostly homebound. The Larkin family pays most of their expenses (such as for care givers) out of pocket, and it costs approximately $200,000 a year to get Mrs. Larkin the proper care she needs.

After years of litigation and endless medical expenses and experts, there is finally hope for Tim and Andrea Larkin. A jury awarded the family $35.4 million, finding Dr. Johnston and Dedham Medical Associates guilty of medical malpractice. Tim Larkin said he hopes the jury award “can help bring some comfort to her moving forward to give her the best possible support that she needs,” according to the Globe.

While doctors make small mistakes every day, what happened to Andrea Larkin and her family is inexcusable and devastating. A lack of accountability led to a mother being paralyzed and a family with mountains of medical expenses. We are happy that in this case justice was served.

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