Accidental Dismemberment

Strong Counsel For Dismemberment Victims When They Need it Most

Losing an arm, leg, hand or foot is one of the worst outcomes for any type of construction accident. Unfortunately, the need to amputate a body part is an all-too-common injury. Dismemberment at a construction site can happen for many reasons such as a fall, being struck by an object, a motor vehicle accident, an explosion or equipment malfunction. Many of these accidents could have been stopped with proper safety measures.

At Crandall & Pera Law, we are here to help you through this extremely traumatic time. We understand that the physical difficulties do not begin to tell the problem – that the loss of a body means reevaluating how you see your life and how people see and treat you. Our Ohio lawyers have decades of comprehensive experience representing victims of serious accidents.

Why Dismemberment Accidents Are Life-Changing

Limbs allow us to walk, work, socialize and have comfortable lives. A loss of a leg or arm changes everything. The loss of a foot or the use of hand can be just as upsetting. Just one moment using a saw or a piece of equipment, or performing any type of construction work can alter one’s life, because:

  • Loss of a body part can contribute to death
  • It may leave you disabled, meaning that you cannot earn a living
  • It increases the risk of serious infections
  • It limits the ability to perform daily tasks and enjoy daily joys such as being able to eat or throw a ball to a child
  • There is often pain due to the initial accident, following surgeries and phantom pain
  • The victims need to adjust to prosthetics, if they are lucky enough to obtain prosthetics in the first place

Crandall & Pera Law’s Stephen Crandall successfully represented James Daniel Hughes, who lost his leg when a contractor working on the Ohio State campus in Columbus ran him over with a dump truck. Mr. Hughes also sustained serious damage to his pelvis and spine. He was 18 years old at the time.

Types Of Claims

Workers and non-workers who suffer the loss of a body part can bring different claims based on their employment status, the way the accident happened and who is responsible. Our Ohio construction dismemberment attorneys review which claim applies to your situation. Sometimes, we bring multiple claims if the facts allow.

When workers’ compensation does not apply to the individual’s circumstance, you may be able to pursue a:

  • Negligence claim. If the victim is not an employee of the construction company, such as a visitor or subcontractor, we can bring suit against the responsible parties. Negligence claims are based on a showing that a site owner, a contractor, a subcontractor, or another company failed to take necessary precautions, failed to give the worker the proper equipment and training, or were just otherwise irresponsible.
  • Products liability claim. This type of lawsuit is filed against a manufacturer, distributor, and retailer who designs, makes or sells defective products. For this type of claim, it is not necessary to prove fault. Our lawyers need to show the product did not work properly and that the dismemberment was the result of the product failure.

Obtaining Justice For Construction Accident Workers

If you lost or are in danger of losing a limb, foot or hand – you need help now. The sooner you begin the legal process, the earlier you can get the medical help you need and the compensation you need if you cannot work. Our lawyers have a reputation for fighting for every dollar clients deserve. We can help restart your life.

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