Cleveland Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Suffering from a dog bite can be an extremely traumatic experience, leading to physical injuries, emotional distress, and weighty financial burdens.

At Crandall & Pera Law, we understand individuals' and families' challenges after such incidents. Our dog bite injury lawyers in Cleveland bring over 40 years of combined experience to support and guide you through these difficult times, striving for justice and fair compensation on your behalf.


Why Choose Our Cleveland Dog Bite Injury Lawyers?

Choosing Crandall & Pera Law for your dog bite injury claim means selecting a law firm with a strong reputation in Ohio and Kentucky for our dedication to clients and legal accomplishments.

Our lead attorneys, Steve Crandall, and Marc Pera, along with our experienced legal team, have garnered numerous awards for our commitment to legal excellence, including:

  • Super Lawyers® Recognition: Awarded for skilled professional achievements and peer recognition, this honor is through a rigorous selection process.
  • The Best Lawyers in America®: Listing in this directory signifies peer recognition for professionalism, integrity, and skills.
  • Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum® Membership: This membership is limited to trial lawyers who have achieved multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements, underscoring our ability to secure significant client outcomes.

Understanding the Issue

Furthermore, our unique perspective allows us to approach cases with a comprehensive understanding of the strategies employed by insurance and healthcare entities. This insight helps us build robust cases and positions us to negotiate and advocate effectively on your behalf. By drawing on our collective experience, we strive to meet and exceed our clients' expectations, ensuring they receive the advocacy and representation they deserve.

Noteworthy Case Results

At Crandall & Pera Law, our team of medical malpractice and injury attorneys brings together decades of experience in injury law, demonstrating unwavering dedication to fighting for the rights of those injured in Ohio and Kentucky.

We've recovered over $100 million in client fees and earned over 250 five-star reviews. This track record of success is a testament to our ability to secure significant settlements and verdicts that reflect our firm's dedication to justice and our client's well-being.

Our Locations

Crandall & Pera Law is conveniently located in Cleveland, ensuring ease of access for discussions regarding your case in a comfortable and private setting:

850 Euclid Ave #1122, Cleveland, OH 44114

Our office, near the Cuyahoga County Administrative Headquarters, allows us to efficiently serve clients across the area, providing a convenient venue for legal counsel in dog bite injury cases.

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Dog Bite Injury Compensation

Cleveland Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

The repercussions of a dog bite are far-reaching, impacting victims and their families both emotionally and financially. Our attorneys actively dedicate themselves to ensuring that any compensation covers the full extent of your losses, including:

Medical Expenses

When a dog bite occurs, the immediate and long-term medical costs can be overwhelming for victims and their families. These expenses often extend beyond the initial emergency room visit, encompassing a wide range of medical care needs such as surgeries, wound care, rabies vaccinations, and potential reconstructive procedures due to scarring or disfigurement.

Long-term rehabilitation might include physical therapy to regain strength and mobility or occupational therapy for adapting to life after the injury.

Our firm actively dedicates itself to ensuring that compensation covers not only these direct medical costs but also any unforeseen expenses that may arise. By documenting all related medical treatments and projecting potential future medical needs, we aim to secure a settlement or verdict that fully addresses the financial impact of the injury on the victim's life.

Psychological Counseling

The psychological aftermath of a dog bite can be as debilitating as the physical injuries. Victims may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and a profound fear of dogs, all of which can significantly impair their daily functioning and overall quality of life. Children, in particular, are susceptible to long-lasting emotional trauma following such incidents.

Recognizing the importance of mental health recovery, our firm advocates for comprehensive compensation that includes the costs of professional psychological support. This includes therapy and counseling sessions to address the emotional and psychological scars left by the attack.

We work with mental health professionals to assess the extent of the emotional damage and secure compensation that reflects the necessity of psychological healing as part of the recovery process.

Lost Income

A dog bite can result in significant time away from work due to hospital stays, medical appointments, and the recovery period. For many victims, this lost time can lead to a substantial financial strain due to lost income and, in some cases, a loss of earning capacity if the injuries prevent them from returning to their previous employment.

Our firm calculates the full extent of these losses, including immediate lost income and future earnings and benefits that might be affected. We consider the victim's career trajectory, potential promotions, bonuses, and retirement benefits now at risk due to the incident.

Our goal is to recover a compensation package that mitigates the financial impact of the dog bite, ensuring that victims and their families can maintain financial stability despite the unforeseen interruption to their lives.

Pain and Suffering

Compensation for pain and suffering acknowledges the non-economic impact of a dog bite, including the physical pain, emotional distress, and diminished quality of life experienced by the victim. This aspect of compensation is highly personal and subjective, varying significantly from one case to another.

Our firm takes a compassionate and thorough approach to quantifying these damages, considering the severity of the injuries, the level of physical discomfort, the duration of recovery, and the emotional toll of the incident.

Through detailed documentation and professional testimony, we advocate for compensation that truly reflects the depth of the victim's suffering, ensuring that the settlement or verdict recognizes the full extent of the pain and hardship endured.

Loss of Quality of Life

In severe cases, a dog bite can lead to permanent disabilities or disfigurement, affecting the victim's ability to enjoy life as they did before the incident. This loss of quality of life may include the inability to participate in hobbies, sports, or other recreational activities, challenges in personal relationships, and a diminished capacity for enjoyment.

Our firm understands the importance of recognizing and compensating for these changes. We evaluate the comprehensive impact of the injuries on the victim's day-to-day existence and prospects, working to secure compensation that reflects the loss of enjoyment of life.

By presenting a clear picture of how the injuries have altered the victim's world, we aim to ensure that the compensation awarded addresses not just the tangible costs of the incident but the intangible, yet profound, impact on the victim's quality of life.

Common Dog Bite Scenarios in Cleveland

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Dog bite incidents in Cleveland can unfold in many locations, affecting residents and visitors in areas ranging from the streets of Downtown Cleveland to the paths of the Cleveland Metroparks.

Whether the incident occurs on the sidewalks of Ohio City, within the family-friendly confines of residential neighborhoods like Westlake and Lakewood, or amidst the cultural hub of University Circle, each scenario brings challenges and legal issues.

Our firm, well-versed in the specificities of Cleveland's diverse neighborhoods, is equipped to handle cases involving both stray animals and pets known for their aggressive behavior and incidents occurring on both public and private property.

Whether the bite took place near the historic West Side Market, along the Emerald Necklace's scenic trails, or within Tremont's commercial districts, we understand the importance of local knowledge in these situations.

Our experience extends to managing cases arising in the densely populated areas of Cleveland Heights and the quiet, suburban streets of Shaker Heights, ensuring that victims across the Cleveland area receive the dedicated support and representation they deserve.

Dog Bite Injury Representation

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Our firm handles a wide variety of dog bite injury cases, each with its unique legal issues:

  • Unprovoked Attacks: Focusing on incidents where victims are bitten without provocation, highlighting the need for responsible pet ownership.
  • Children's Injuries: Cases involving children particularly vulnerable to severe injuries from dog bites.
  • Negligent Owners: Holding pet owners accountable for failing to restrain or properly control their animals, leading to preventable attacks.

Fighting the Insurance Company After a Cleveland Dog Bite Injury

Fighting the Insurance Company After a Cleveland Dog Bite Injury

Fighting the insurance company after a dog bite injury in Cleveland is often contentious. Insurance companies may use several strategies to devalue or outright deny claims. Understanding these tactics is important for ensuring victims receive the compensation they deserve.

Leveraging decades of experience, our attorneys are adept at navigating these challenges and actively countering the efforts of insurance companies at every turn.

Delaying the Claims Process

One common tactic used by insurance companies is to delay the claims process. This can involve requesting unnecessary documentation, taking excessive time to review the claim, or failing to respond promptly to inquiries. The aim is to frustrate the claimants, hoping the prolonged process will pressure them to accept a lower settlement.

Our firm counters this by maintaining diligent communication with the insurance companies, submitting all required documentation promptly, pushing for timely resolutions, and ensuring that our client's claims are processed efficiently.

Disputing Liability and Causation

Insurance companies often attempt to minimize their payout by disputing liability or causation. They might argue that processing the dog to bite occurred, suggest that the victim was trespassing or not lawfully on the property where the bite occurred, or question the dog's ownership.

Our attorneys gather evidence, including witness statements, medical reports, and professional testimony, to firmly establish liability and the unprovoked nature of the incident, strengthening our clients' cases.

Underestimating the Severity of Injuries

Another strategy involves underestimating the severity of the victim's injuries. Insurance adjusters may rely on quick evaluations or consult with medical professionals who minimize the extent of injuries or predict a faster-than-realistic recovery time.

Our approach includes obtaining comprehensive medical evaluations from independent and reputable medical professionals who accurately assess the full extent of the injuries and their impact on the victim's life, ensuring that the compensation reflects the true severity of the injuries.

Offering Quick, Low Settlements

Insurance companies often approach victims with quick settlement offers soon after the incident. These initial offers may seem appealing, especially to victims facing immediate medical expenses and financial pressures, but they are typically far below what is fair.

Our firm advises clients on the true value of their claims, considering future medical costs, ongoing care, lost income, and pain and suffering to avoid settling for less than they deserve.

Misinterpreting Policy Language

Insurers may try to deny claims by misinterpreting their policies' language or coverage limits. This can involve claiming that certain conditions or behaviors of the victim fall outside the policy coverage or applying exclusions inappropriately.

Our legal team thoroughly reviews policy documents and leverages our understanding of insurance law to challenge any misinterpretations or unjust denials based on policy technicalities.

Requiring Excessive Documentation

Requiring excessive documentation is another tactic to complicate the claims process. This tactic can be employed to identify inconsistencies in the victim's story or to overwhelm the claimant, hoping they might miss deadlines or give up on the claim.

Our attorneys assist clients in gathering all necessary documentation, ensuring it is complete, consistent, and submitted promptly to counter this tactic effectively.

By using these strategies, our firm stands up to insurance companies, advocating for the rights of dog bite victims in Cleveland to ensure they receive the full compensation they are entitled to for their injuries and suffering.

What to Do After a Dog Bite

Immediate steps include seeking medical care, reporting the incident, documenting injuries and the scene, and contacting a lawyer. At Crandall & Pera Law, we not only guide you through each of these crucial steps but also actively work to protect your rights, ensuring a comprehensive and strategic approach to your case.

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