$2.5 million Verdict Casto v. Dr. Larry Holland Piqua, Ohio

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This remains the largest verdict in Miami County history. Jill and Nathan Casto were nearing the end of their pregnancy with their second child when she began to experience a decrease in her baby’s movements. This is a well known sign of a decrease in the oxygen levels to an unborn child. Jill, a very intelligent and caring mom, called her OB numerous times to address this issue. She also visited his office. Both Dr. Holland and his staff continually ignored Jill’s complaints until she eventually gave birth to a dead baby boy several days later. An Autopsy confirmed the boy had his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, which was causing the lack of oxygen. If he had been properly cared for he would not have died and the family would have had their second child. Jill and Nathan have gone on to have another child.

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