Client Receives Reported Largest Malpractice Verdict in Lake Co. History

October 29, 2012 | Crandall & Pera Law
Client Receives Reported Largest Malpractice Verdict in Lake Co. History

Kelly Maron, 43, of Painesville, Ohio has been awarded what is believed to be the largest medical malpractice verdict in Lake County history - $910,000 - for severe damage to her upper abdomen during a June 2009 procedure.

Maron, who was represented in her case against Lake Hospital System Inc. and Dr. Timothy Pritchard by Ohio medical malpractice lawyer Steve Crandall, had a surgical towel left in her upper abdomen during  a resection of her colon that was not discovered for five months.

By November 2009, two-thirds of the length of Maron's small bowel had to be removed along with the towel, leading to a loss of her ability to properly digest food and an inability to leave her house. Maron, a married mother of three,  was able to treat her colon cancer early, but the injuries sustained from the forgotten towel will cause her a lifetime of suffering.

"I really felt it was a shame the two sides even allowed this case to go to trial," says Crandall. "You hear an awful lot about frivolous lawsuits. But this was a frivolous defense."

Lake Health officials have reported a procedural change in the type of towels used during surgery as a result of this case.

Read the full details here:

Surgical towel left in patient results in $910,000 verdict against Lake Health doctor

Dean Maron speaks very highly on the personal treatment he and his wife received by Steve Crandall throughout their lengthy and successful case:  "Throughout the trial he showed his experience by never becoming rattled by the opposition's attorneys, or their tactics and questions; he was always one or two steps ahead of the defense, and his passion for our particular case was apparent not only to us, but the jury as well."

"Stephen restored our faith in the legal system and attorneys in general," continues Dean Maron. "My wife and I both consider him a friend and the only attorney we would ever consider if we ever become entangled in the legal system again."

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