Diagnosing skin cancer alongside other skin conditions

October 31, 2019 | Crandall & Pera Law
Diagnosing skin cancer alongside other skin conditions

Ohio residents and millions of other Americans are dealing with skin cancer. Even more individuals are dealing with skin issues like psoriasis, eczema and rosacea. Some may wonder if having one of these skin conditions can make it more difficult for a dermatologist to spot skin cancer.

Rosacea affects around 16 million Americans. It can cause redness and bumps on the skin, especially the facial skin. Squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma can have a similar appearance to rosacea, appearing as red patches on the facial skin. One way to tell the difference between the two is to see how the skin reacts to minimal trauma, like drying off the face after washing it. With skin cancer, the patient is likely to bleed. However, rosacea sufferers will not.

Psoriasis and eczema affect around 40 million Americans. These inflammatory conditions can cause the skin to become itchy and have scaly red plaques on the skin. Individuals who are dealing with psoriasis may have further symptoms that include pustules that appear on the feet and hands. Doctors who need to remove skin cancer in areas where the skin is inflamed have to worry about the skin harboring bacteria that could cause an infection if the skin is excised in order to remove cancer.

Dermatologists can help their patients manage the above-mentioned skin conditions and at the same time keep an eye out for the signs of skin cancer. Unfortunately, some individuals have had the experience where a negligent doctor failed to diagnose cancer, and the person had to deal with serious consequences afterward. Individuals in this circumstance may wish to speak to a lawyer. The lawyer may be able to examine the case and see if it is potentially a malpractice situation. The lawyer may be able to provide advice on how a person might get compensation for a failure to diagnose.