New Technology Can Prevent Rollaway Truck Crashes

January 21, 2019 | Crandall & Pera Law
New Technology Can Prevent Rollaway Truck Crashes

Truck rollaway accidents usually occur when the driver exits the truck but fails to pull the parking brake first. When this occurs and the truck is on an incline, the vehicle may begin to roll downhill and gain momentum. A rollaway (or runaway) truck, once it picks up enough speed, will mow down whatever gets in its way until it encounters a sufficiently strong obstacle to stop its momentum.

A leading provider of safety technologies – Bendix – solicited the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan to perform a survey, which discovered that 6 in 10 fleets admitted to having at least one rollaway incident occur in their ranks during the previous two years.

Rollaway crashes can cause vehicle damage, property damage, serious injury, and even death. Bendix has developed an array of new technologies that help deter the problem of rollaways as well as other types of trucking accidents.

Intellipark System for Rollaway Crash Prevention

At a recent North American Commercial Vehicle Show, Bendix presented an array of new safety updates and products designed for commercial trucks. The company’s Intellipark system is designed to prevent rollaway incidents. The system compensates for the failure of the truck driver to engage the air brakes before leaving the cab. Many trucking companies and their fleets in Ohio and Kentucky can benefit from the installation of this system.

The system automatically applies the brakes when the driver exits the cab. The interlocks can be positioned in strategic locations such as the door, seatbelt, or seat. The system includes switches that are more ergonomically designed than standard push-and-pull devices, making it convenient for drivers to manually apply the brakes.

During an online press conference on Sept, 5, 2018, Bendix indicated that fleet trials of the Intellipark system are finishing up and the automatic electronic parking brake system will be available commercially during 2019.

Software update for the Wingman Fusion system

Bendix has produced and made available a software update for its Wingman Fusion system, which is a collision prevention system utilizing video data, radar, and brake system input to deliver lane departure warnings, emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control.

EnduraSure corrosion resistant spring brakes

Bendix has also introduced a corrosion resistant and durable line of spring brakes with its EnduraSure and EnduraSure Pro models.

Air disc brakes

Bendix is also investing in air disc brake technology. The company has created an online tool enabling users to price comparison shop. Air disc brakes, which are often less expensive than drum brakes, are highly effective at minimizing stopping distances.

Although these technological advances are entering the marketplace, issues such as defective parts, improper maintenance, and driver error can still result in commercial truck crashes. Motorists who are injured by negligent or reckless truck drivers have the right to consult with an attorney about filing a personal injury claim. An experienced attorney can hire investigators, and evaluate the accident scene, background of the driver, and whether the driver and truck carrier adhered to state and federal trucking regulations.

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