Union leaders express frustration over nurse treatment

October 3, 2019 | Crandall & Pera Law
Union leaders express frustration over nurse treatment

The president of the national union of nurses had some harsh words for the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, calling the hospital system "so stupid and tone-deaf "for the way it has dealt with nurses and their concerns about patient safety.

National union leaders came to Cincinnati in September after two nurses, who were also top UCMC union officials, were fired for making a Facebook live video for union members regarding staffing issues. Hospital management claims the two women violated the medical center's policy on taking breaks during labor delivery shifts.

Both nurses had clean records before termination

According to news reports, Jennifer Donaldson and Michelle Thoman had clean records at UCMC before they were let go and have since filed grievances over the actions of their employer. Union leaders say cases like these are becoming a national trend as they claim many hospitals are trying to turn higher profits at the expense of their nurses.

UCMC actions led to protest

The termination of the two nurses inspired their coworkers to push back against the hospital. Around 75 nurses gathered outside UCMC in Corryville early September, bringing attention to the center's treatment of its staff. There was even a billboard on Martin Luther King Drive near the southbound exit on Interstate 71 that said, "stop the attack on nurses."

Donaldson and Thoman have both said they've seen no resolution for their grievances, despite going through four hearings. They have since brought their complaints to the National Labor Relations Board.