Defective Equipment

Defective Equipment Can Hurt Construction Site Workers And Visitors

Construction sites are inherently dangerous workplaces. When that danger is magnified by defective machinery and equipment, the risks increase exponentially. Machinery and equipment used at construction sites, whether handheld or enormous, is usually very powerful. Defects in heavy machinery such as forklifts, backhoes, bulldozers and cranes can cause broken bones, amputations, head and back injuries, electric shock and death.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by a defective crane, backhoe, forklift or other equipment, seek legal advice as soon as possible. One of Crandall & Pera Law’s experienced construction accident attorneys can be the point of contact between you and other interested parties — investigators, claims adjusters and insurance company attorneys — advocating for you while you recover and get on with your life.

Fighting For Those Who Suffered A Crane Accident

There are several different situations that could lead to a crane accident, such as:

  • Being struck by the crane load
  • Electrocution from contact with power lines
  • Carelessness during assembly and disassembly of the crane
  • Boom or wire rope failure
  • Crane tip-over or crane collapse
  • Being struck by the rotating superstructure of the crane
  • Falls from the crane

If you are the victim of a crane accident in which injury or property damage occurred, the skilled attorneys at Crandall & Pera Law can help. We have an impressive record of successful litigation and negotiation on behalf of clients injured by negligent crane assembly and operation. Our team can examine the inspection records and the accident itself to determine liability.

How Backhoe Accidents Commonly Happen

The size, weight, power and motion of construction backhoes make them hazardous both to their operators and to people working nearby. Examples of backhoe accidents include:

  • Scoop accidents: Workers reinforcing the sides of newly cut trenches have been crushed by the scoop when an operator was unable to see them from the cab. Others have been struck as the boom rotated.
  • Load accidents: Soil and rock being transferred from a trench to dump trucks have missed their targets and landed on nearby workers, burying them.
  • Digging accidents: Backhoes could cause explosions by hitting utility pipes. They may also breach conduits housing live electrical cables or touching overhead wires, causing severe burns and electrocutions.
  • Falling accidents and collapse: Backhoes could slide into their own trenches after the walls collapse, crushing workers.

Non-employee visitors to the construction site, such as inspectors, technicians or subcontractors whose duties take them near operating backhoes face the same hazards. If you were an inspector, subcontractor or visitor to a construction site, and you suffered injury because of a defective or negligently operated backhoe, seek knowledgeable counsel from our law firm.

Forklift Accidents Can Cause Major Damage

Forklifts improperly loaded have tipped and dropped their loads on bystanders. Defective brakes have caused them to run off loading docks and crush their operators and others. Loss of steering has caused them to run down others or crush them between the lift truck and a stationary object. Defective hoses on propane-powered trucks have caused fires and explosions. They have run into chemical storage tanks, propane tanks, steam pipes, electrical conduits and control panels.

The injuries from forklift accidents are often life-changing. Survivors of forklift accidents may be left with permanent or disabling injuries that limit or prevent future employment and cause serious financial loss. If you are injured, or if a loved one was injured or killed in a forklift accident, you should contact one of our lawyers at once to protect your rights.

Helping You Reach Full And Fair Compensation

Your construction accident case is important to us. The attorneys at Crandall & Pera Law have experience protecting the interests of people injured in heavy equipment accidents on construction sites. We have handled complex personal injury cases across Ohio and Kentucky, and we have law offices conveniently located in Lexington, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Chesterland and Chagrin Falls.

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