Strong Representation In Ohio Truck Explosion Accident Cases

Trucks that explode due to a gas leak or ignition of the gas often cause spectacular scenes and deadly harm. Those victims who are lucky enough to survive often suffer catastrophic harm including severe skin damage and burns, nerve damage, chronic pain, severe respiratory problems, scarring, and disfigurement. Many survivors need plastic surgery, reconstructive operations, and grafts of the skin. The emotional suffering from this type of crash can cause long-term psychological damage and trauma.

At Crandall & Pera Law, we bring wrongful death claims on behalf of the families of deceased victims. Death claims demand compensation for many damages including the loss of the society and support of the deceased. On behalf, of survivors our lawyers detail the long-term care that will be needed and the permanent damages as well as the daily physical and emotional pain.

We have obtained substantial verdicts for our clients in both wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases.

Fuel Tank Explosion Causes

Commercial truck accidents can occur for many reasons. In some cases, the fault lies with the driver or the company that supervises the driver. In many cases the fault likes with a truck manufacturer.

For example, in one notable case, the Ford Pinto had a design flaw which caused many Pintos to ignite. Truck manufacturers have the same duty to make sure their vehicle are safe as General Motors did with the Pinto.

Some of the reasons fuel tanks explode are:

  • Metal rods or sharp objects near the fuel line can ignite the fuel tank when a crash occurs
  • The fuel lines that link the fuel tank to the engine may become compromised
  • Fuel pumps and lines which do not seal off in a collision
  • Cargo that is carrying fuel or hazardous materials which falls off the truck if it is not properly secured
  • Improper handling of gases or gasoline

Food Truck Explosions

While any type of truck can have an explosion if there is an accident, food truck accidents are unique because they contain a second tank to be able to cook and grill the food. Propane is the typical fuel of choice. Propane is usually more volatile than gasoline fuel. Poorly designed or manufactured food fuel tanks can cause an explosion. Misuse of the tanks can also cause an explosion.

As with fuel tanks, food tanks are subject to federal, state, and local regulations on placement, use, and other safety factors. They must be inspected on a regular basis. When the tanks in food trucks cause an explosion, our trial attorneys will hold the liable parties accountable.

When Fire Or Explosion Changes Lives

If you were hurt or a family member was killed due to a fuel tank explosion, a food truck disaster, or any other type of truck accident – Crandall & Pera Law attorneys have the experience you need. Our lawyers quickly investigate the cause of the crash and file claims for benefit. We are tough negotiators and fierce advocates in court.

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